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In December 2022, Papa K embarked on a challenging goodwill pilot for disadvantaged kids from the slums of Rajkot, India, offering free evening schooling from 5.00pm to 8.00pm

In just twelve months, our willing group of voluntary students has grown to more than sixty kids, and new enrolments continue every week. Around half of the children attend a local public school, uninspiringly named ‘Number 63’, from 12:00 noon to 4:30pm. The others typically work alongside parents and receive no formal schooling whatsoever.

Unfortunately, the school No.63 is staffed by demotivated, frequently changing, teachers who earn just the legal minimum wage. Not surprisingly, therefore, the quality of education is poor. By 5:00pm each day, most of the kids have returned home, from either school or work. From 5.00pm to 8.00pm Sixty-plus students from the slum, have chosen to spend time with us, an evening school.

We engage two highly qualified and socially driven teachers, both with Masters’ degrees, aided by a very competent teaching assistant.
We know how difficult it is to concentrate an eager young mind on a meager empty stomach, so we ensure that everyone has a free and hearty meal before classes begin.

What we have achieved to date, on limited resources, is simply beautiful. The benefits borne of the coming-together of a will to learn and a will to help is a joy to see, and a source of tremendous hope and pride for the humble families committed to the project.

Call or WhatsApp me any time at +56 9 73678923.

If you prefer email, please use [email protected]

I am also happy to channel initial contact via your assistant or representative if that is more convenient for you. If so, please provide the corresponding contact details.

Dear Agent 008,

We urgently require your specialized skills for an initiative in Rajkot, India. Your mission is to enhance a pilot schooling project.

Your objectives are:

1. To construct a sheltered educational space for monsoon protection.
2. To facilitate advanced educational opportunities for four distinguished students.

Should you accept, all necessary arrangements, including travel and local coordination, will be meticulously planned.

We are confident in your ability to make a significant, lasting difference.

Yours truly,

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